Friday, September 9, 2016

New! Scout Armored Leather Jacket for men!

Okay - finally!  A new racing style leather jacket called Scout!  Features extreme piping and strap details in neon colors along with fantastic new styled tactical buckles.

Heavy on flash - this sexy beast of a jacket is a bit shorter in length to fit with most of our pants.  It has a super style with a Star in the center of the back and racing stripes that just scream FAST.

Comes in fit mesh sizes only - in Aesthetic, Slink and Classic.  Make sure to test the demo!

The jackets all come with included T-shirt that is optional - you can turn it on and off via the texture HUD. And mentioning the HUD - it comes with 12 leather versions, 11 graphic tees, and 11 plain tee colors.  The 12th leather color is a bonus version that features navy and black leather with white and lt blue striping!