Saturday, October 1, 2016

L&B for SwagBAG:October Halloween!

It's October 1st... deliveries have started.. and we can reveal the L&B SwagBAG Exclusive for Halloween:

SLASHER!    A Jacket, Mask and Machete combo set perfect for Halloween.

Features a traditional Slasher inspired Hockey mask in 16 different theme versions - non-rigged mesh with resizer and stretch.  The mask is paired with a brand new Biker style jacket in a more fitted, shorter style - complete with 4 Bloody looks and 3 non- blood covered versions perfect for after Halloween too!

Includes optional t-shirt (on/off enabled) with blood covered options and a few clean ones too. Comes in AES, Slink and Classic Fit mesh sizes.

Finally we have the Machete.. the sheath can be worn on the back of the jacket.. and when the Knife and the Knife HUD are used.. you can "Draw" the knife or "Sheath" it back onto your back.

Enjoy being one of the beasts out in the night.. just don't have too much Bloody fun!

Subscriptions are closed.. but if you want to pick up the Halloween SwagBAG at full price.. it should go on sale in the next day or so at the SwagBAG HQ.