Wednesday, September 14, 2016

L&B @ ULTRA : September Boho Jeans Shorts!

Our exclusive for the event are brand new denim mini shorts in a special edition set - Boho Jeans Shorts!

These new shorts are ONLY for mesh bodies - Lara, Slink All, and Belleza All - so make sure to test them out.

Short and sexy but not *too* short - featuring boho inspired embroidery, beading, sequins and more. Soft, worn denim with cuffed legs - the perfect shorts to wear as summer ends and autumn begins.

The Boho set comes in 6 denim versions along with an on/off double wrapped belt. The belt has 20+ leather colors via the HUD.  Free demos are available in front of our womens mainstore on Evocative and at the TP point so you can test the new shorts before heading to the event.

ULTRA opens tomorrow, September 15th at noon and will remain open until after October 15th.

Friday, September 9, 2016

New! Scout Armored Leather Jacket for men!

Okay - finally!  A new racing style leather jacket called Scout!  Features extreme piping and strap details in neon colors along with fantastic new styled tactical buckles.

Heavy on flash - this sexy beast of a jacket is a bit shorter in length to fit with most of our pants.  It has a super style with a Star in the center of the back and racing stripes that just scream FAST.

Comes in fit mesh sizes only - in Aesthetic, Slink and Classic.  Make sure to test the demo!

The jackets all come with included T-shirt that is optional - you can turn it on and off via the texture HUD. And mentioning the HUD - it comes with 12 leather versions, 11 graphic tees, and 11 plain tee colors.  The 12th leather color is a bonus version that features navy and black leather with white and lt blue striping!

Monday, September 5, 2016

L&B@TMD:September Patrol Plaid Shirts!

It's the 5th of the month.. and that means opening day for the next round of The Men's Department! (TMD:September). With the days starting to cool off a bit and with thoughts of fall - we thought the guys would like a plaid version off the Patrol shirts!

This is a must have for fall. Plaid, short sleeved, tab rolled shirt draped over a t-shirt! You CAN wear the plaid shirt alone by simply turning the T-shirt addon Off using the HUD!  This shirt set works very well with our Ranger Cargo Pants and our Classic Jeans. (mileage will vary depending on your shape).

Fatpack comes stuffed with AES, SLINK, and Classic fit mesh sizes plus we also have included std sizes for classic avatars.  The Fatpack HUD has 9 plaid colors, 9 plain t-shirt colors, and 14 graphic tees - most are brand new! The plaids in this set range from faded blues to red to even slate.

We'll also have a selection of Single packs - single plaid color shirts that come with a small T-shirt HUD containing one graphic and 5 plain colors. These will be available only in Jade, Tan, Plum or Brown.
Free demos are available for all packs - and can be tested at our mainstore on Evocative before the Event opens or at TMD starting today at noon.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

L&B for SwagBAG September: Adventure!

It's the 1st of the month.. and that means SwagBAG September has been delivered and we can now show off our exclusive from L&B.  We bring you SwagBAG September Adventure theme by L&B - Tactical Leather Pants!

We worked hard to create these super cool leather pants for this month's theme - they have supply pouches, grenades (optional) and even a combat knife! Perfect for roleplay or just to look tough.

The Tactical Leather pants come in AES, Slink and Classic fit mesh and work well with last months L&B item - the Hero X Leather Jacket. (If you didn't get last month's jacket - the current month has alot of tops from other designers that come in similar colors.)

The HUD provided gives you leather options to match last month's jacket PLUS new colors more in the military range - Army Green, Olive and Brown as well as an all Black stealth option. The Grenades can be made invisible via the HUD and come with 5 different color versions. We also included the option to change the leather pants snap buckles color independantly!

If you didn't get the subscription in time.. you will still be able to pick up the entire September bag at SwagBAG HQ starting tomorrow for 3000 L$.