Sunday, January 1, 2017

L&B for SwagBAG January - New Moto Denim Jeans!

SwagBAG January is being delivered now.. so we can reveal the full picture of our special item!

L&B Swear Moto Jeans!

We have a super cool new build similar to our very popular Salvage jeans - with tigher fit and cuffed at the ankle. These Moto Jeans come with zippers under the front pockets, optional belt and truly awesome ribbed stitching detail and seaming all over the legs.

The SwagBAG exclusive texture is a version of our popular graffiti denim - plus we threw in a few more denim options as a bonus.

They come in AES, Slink, Classic and Gianni fit mesh. We also threw in a "tucked" version that should play well with our Patrol boots and possibily other boots out there.

If you missed subscribing but would like to pick up the 15 great items in the SwagBAG January delivery.. hop over to the MadPea HQ and you can get the bag for the full price of 3000 L$.