Sunday, April 30, 2017

L&B@Gacha Garden : May - Charm Bangles

**Update June 1st - Gacha Garden May is now closed, and the Limited Edition SOI Initial Charm Bangle has been retired. However, the regular gacha items (18 common and 2 rare) are still available at our mainstore sim.  **

We have created a set of beautiful charm bangles for this round of Gacha Garden.

18 commons, 2 rares (with HUDS), and one Seed of Inspiration

What's a Seed of Inspiration??? Well, if you play the gacha machine 20 times you AUTOMATICALLY get the special gift item. You read that right.. AND.. this item is ONLY available during the event - afterwards it is retired.

So.. Seed of Inspiration is sort of like a Limited Edition item! It's the nicest version of any thing in the gacha.. and this one is a full charm bangle with guard chain and even a place to put your initial! Comes with alot of options via the HUD.

All items are transferable.. grab some and gift a few too!
50 L$ per try & 10% for rares

FREE gift of matching earrings also at the event.

Starts May 1st - may the odds be ever in your favor

Gacha Garden :