Saturday, October 17, 2015

L&B@FREAKSHOW Gacha Carnival!

L&B is proud to be a co-sponsor for the 2015 FREAKSHOW Gacha Carnival!  We had alot of fun making some new items for the event.

One of our gacha vendors is the Tarot Card Necklace gacha:

Unisex necklaces with resizer+stretch so nearly any avatar can wear them. 

There are 18 total versions: 16 common plain single card necklaces and two rare specialty necklaces. The RARE necklaces come with additional pendants on the leather cord and a HUD with resizer, 3 tarot card options, and 11 stone choices!

Each try on the gacha is 50 L$ with a 10 % chance of a rare item.

Available only at the FREAKSHOW event - now OPEN!