Saturday, October 17, 2015

L&B@FREAKSHOW - Sneakers Gachas!

Paul did some brand new, fantastic sneakers!  The are non-rigged with resizer+stretch so most avatars should be able to wear them.

There is a gacha for guys and another for gals, but honestly they are unisex if you are willing to refit them.

The Men's Gacha has 18 versions: 13 common and 5 rare.   3 of the rare versions have specialized soles along with unique theme.

The Women's Gacha hs 19 versions: 14 common and 5 rare. 3 of the rare versions have a platform sole.

Each Gacha is 75 L$ per chance and a 10% chance of a rare with each try.

FREAKSHOW is open NOW - so go try your luck!  Only at the Metropolis sim