Friday, January 22, 2016

New! Men's Aviator Leather Jackets - Full Color Sets!

This is our full NON-limited set of the Aviator Jackets for men. Comes with Aesthetic, SLINK Male, and Classic Avatar fit mesh all in the same bag! All sizes come with Untucked T-shirt and Hoodie AddOns! Bonus Standard Size rigged mesh also included for the harder to fit avatars.

You get a HUD for 19 colors in leather, 10 hoodie options, 18 T-shirt options, and 5 Jacket hardware metals.

This is THE winter jacket for the season - beautiful wool double collar accent and trim, leather straps and more.

Grab yours, get warm and enjoy the snow! Free DEMO available. The full set is 699 L$ for a winter's worth of looks.