Friday, February 5, 2016

L&B @ The Men'sDept for February!

L&B @ TMD February Event - Special Edition "Vintage Aviator" Leather Jackets for men.

The Men's Department event just started today for February and we are proud to have a Special Edition Vintage Aviator jacket set on sale through the end of the month.  These Special Edition jackets are currently on sale ONLY at TMD.

FatPack set features 6 leather options (2 exclusives weathered brown and cracked black along with cracked Jade, Blue, Olive and Tan) along with a T-shirt AddOn that comes with 18 shirt options (including 10 new t-shirt themes).   The FatPack is 499 L$ during the event.

Single color jacket sets have ONE leather color but still get the T-Shirt Addon. The Single color set HUD gives you 6 shirt options.  These come in your choice of Tan, Olive, Blue OR Jade.  The single sets run 299 L$ and will only be sold at the TMD event.

Drop by to try the free demos and then pick up your favorite set!