Monday, July 31, 2017

L&B @ Gacha Garden August! Boho Beach Jewelry Collection

Common and Rare Gacha Key - Boho Beach Collection
FREE Earring Gift!
Limited Edition Prize for 20 plays!

Gacha Garden opens for the August round tomorrow!  We have a great new collection of jewerly ready for you to play for plus the Limited Edition item aka SOI (Seed of Inspiration) and a FREE gift too!

Our collection is the new Boho Beach set - featuring beaten metal cuffs ranging from plain to bezel set stones.. available in either silver or gold.. stones come in either a lapis or agate version. The other common items include hoop earrings featuring stone and metal beads along with a dangle sharks tooth. These come in combinations of silver or gold and also in agate and a brighter lapis style.
Finishing out the commons are two simple shark tooth rings set with delicate double shank in either silver or gold!

There are TWO rare items -
RARE bold shank Ring with accent stones in either agate or lapis along with onyx and a shark tooth. These are beaten metal as well via HUD that gives you Silver, Gold, Agate, and Lapis options.
RARE metal cuff that comes with center shark tooth and then accents on the sides of stone. Via the HUD you get Silver, Gold, Agate and Lapis options.
Cost to play is 50L$ per try with a 10% chance of a rare.
There are a total of 12 commons and 2 rares.
AND.. after you play 20 times you get the Limited Edition (SOI) necklace automatically!

Free to anyone that is in the Gimme Gacha group - you can pick these FREE gift lovely earrings up at the event. They match the Boho Beach Collection as well as our past Charm Bangle collection and the current Zodiac Charm Bracelet!

And.. *drum roll* the Limited Edition Initial Necklace prize! Play 20 times and automatically get this necklace! This necklace will ONLY be available during the Gacha Garden August event - so be sure to pick up one or two before they are gone.

Use the HUD to change metals from silver to gold, and choose from two stone combinations! PLUS use the initial engraver to change this to a BFF or Lovers necklace! (see.. you'll definitely want two of them)

Gacha Garden opens August 1st!…/Gimme%20Gacha%20Pro…/190/141/22