Wednesday, July 5, 2017

L&B @ TMD:JULY Hero X Jackets!

Hero X Leather Jackets! Yes.. we have finally released these and they are at TMD this month.

Nearly a year after they first were seen in SwagBAG.. they are now available for direct purchase.

We have updated the set with more sizes - it now contains Jake, Gianni, AES, Slink, and Classic fit mesh sizes.  Additionally there are a few more colors to match the Tactical Pants set AND the option to change the hardware to different colors.

**those that purchased SwagBAG August - Heros & Villians - rezz your Hero X Jacket updater box to get a fresh bag with all the sizes and new HUD**

A Fatpack is available and is the best value - with 15 different color options for the trim, 15 hardware options, and 22 t-shirt choices (optional)

There will be single color packs available ONLY during TMD - your choice of Orange, Purple, Yellow, or Neon Green. The single packs will get the 11 plain t-shirt colors (optional) and three hardware choices.

Free Demos for all sets at our mainstore TP area:

TMD:JULY opens noon SLT July 5th :