Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion For Life 2011

As tradition, L&B has sponsored one of the sims for the Fashion for Life 2011 fund raiser to benefit American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. This year we were blessed with a gorgeous build by Syngen Sohmers - reminiscent of New Orleans, the Irving Penn Sim is like a home away from home for L&B.

Paul has worked hard to get some brand new donation items created and you won't be disappointed. The new "Olreans" booties for women were directly inspired by Syngen's build and they along with two other boot versions are on sale for 499 L$ - all proceeds going to FFL.

Paul also made some great, urban necklaces - unisex - for the L&B Gacha! 6 different necklaces - delivered at random. Pay only 100 L$ to get a necklace. Transferable so you can buy until you get all 6 and then you can give your extras away to friends! What a fun way to raise money!

Check out the FFL - starting Saturday, March 12, 2011.