Friday, March 18, 2011

New Intense Gothic Boots!

Paul's been working feverishly to get more men's footwear out and his latest sets are updated twists to some L&B Classics! Gothic Demonic and Gothic Morte boots have been completely remade with new high detail sculpts and textures. Same great LOD as our other new boots, so you look great to everyone! Paul has generously included the matching shoes for each version at no extra cost and all versions include alpha invisi layers - so no more ugly invisi prims!

The details on these new boots are incredible.. same feel as the old versions with so much more depth. You can choose from the brushed leather for a more refined look or the awesome croc leather for dark and edgy. If you want INTENSE.. these are what you are looking for! Low Lag Deleteable resizer makes these perfect for fashion or roleplay - pick up your set today!