Saturday, March 19, 2011

FFL 50 L$ Sale!

L&B has meet the challenge to put out something new for only 50 L$ to benefit the Fashion for Life fundraiser. Not only did we do one new item, we did five! All for only 50 L$ each - these new jewelry products are premium items that will sell after the fair for between 299 and 599 L$.

Paul made some uber cool braided leather necklaces for men and women that feature gorgeous beads and a weathered chinese coin. For the the ladies out there, I've put out a new Rosary style necklace in pink featuring rose quartz beads and a pink rose aptly named, "Hope". Finally are the unisex wedding bands "Eros" available in either platinum or gold.

These 50 L$ items are all to benefit the Relay for Life and are only available for the 50 L$ price through Tuesday March, 22, 2011. Grab them while you can! All items are transferable for gift giving!